Services and Capability

As a full-service laboratory, we work with our clients to provide an analytical approach that satisfies all project requirements. While generating reproducible and defensible data is often the most critical aspect of what the laboratory does, our services extend far beyond producing a defensible Certificate of Analysis.

We employ highly-qualified and professional project management staff that are familiar with various environmental regulatory and guidance documents; they coordinate with laboratory personnel to ensure that all samples are processed efficiently and ensure that all final reports are delivered in a timely fashion. Our staff have experience managing complex, high-profile projects and understand the importance of meeting strict holding and turnaround time requirements.

Each project begins with a careful review of the scope of work; this means evaluating analytes, methods, and quantitation limits. Bottle orders are customized to include pre-labeled and pre-preserved sampling containers packed per sampling point for convenience in the field. Chains of custody can be pre-filled per each project. If preferred, we can provide electronic chains of custody through our web portal.

This level of coordination means that not only is the analytical process streamlined upon receipt of the samples, but also that we can quickly identify any deviation from expected scope of work. Each work order is carefully reviewed by multiple project managers; likewise, all final data is reviewed by multiple analysts and quality officers.

If you’d like more information on our services and capability for a specific project, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Scope of Services

Air Water & Soil Laboratories provides an extensive range of analytical services

 • Air Monitoring

 • CERCLA and RCRA Support

 • Drinking Water  

 • Environmental Site Assessment

 • Hazardous Waste Characterization

 • Landfill Monitoring

 • Permitting and Compliance Monitoring

 • Underground Storage Tanks

 • VPA Permit Monitoring

 • Wastewater/Stormwater NPDES Monitoring

Other Services offered by Air Water & Soil

 • Wide ranging courier service with same day or next day delivery to our  laboratory

 • Complementary sampling containers with appropriate preservatives and coolers.

 • Rush turnaround times with 3 day, 2 day, next day and same day results available upon request.

 • Personalized seminars on sample collection, laboratory methods and QC requirements available upon request.

 • Air Water & Soil Laboratories extends comprehensive support and advisory services to its clients to meet all analytical program requirements.