Sub-Slab / Vapor Intrusion

Gases that permeate through the soil may be trapped under impermeable surfaces such as concrete. Cracks in the concrete may allow for infiltration of these gases, potentially posing a risk to human health. Proper analysis of the air in the sub-slab space is a powerful tool in evaluating this risk.

Custom Helium Shroud

Custom Helium Shroud

Helium Shroud

AWS offers a fully enclosed helium shroud that has been designed to confirm the integrity of your sub-slab seal while simultaneously collecting samples from the sub-slab space. With this design, you can simply place the shroud over your sampling point, connect your tubing, and perform your leak check, sample purging, and sample collection all within one system.

In addition to providing reliable field QA/QC, this system includes an additional down-hole gauge that allows the sampler to confirm air flow in the sub-slab space. Failure due to an unexpected occlusion or groundwater permeation will be obvious, as indicated by the pressure differential between the down-hole gauge and sampling gauge.


custom analytical

Recognizing that the purpose of sub-slab and vapor intrusion samples is often to satisfy federal or state Risk-Based concentration requirements, we have worked to provide analytical quantitation limits that will satisfy requirements for Superfund, Brownfield, and various remediation projects.

Entech Sub-Slab Pin set and Drill Bits

Entech Sub-Slab Pin set and Drill Bits

field equipment - Entech instruments

We understand that collecting air samples is a wholly unique process with enormous potential for equipment failure at every step. In order to provide you with the best possible results, AWS has teamed with Entech Instruments to provide the highest quality Sub-Slab Pins and sampling equipment available.